Media Research


  • Often, more than 80% of your marketing budgets are spent on purchasing media so the smartest, most efficient and effective decisions need to be made in this area.
  • There is a strong trend towards: more crowded and costly traditional media, growing influence of new media and consumers becoming very selective in terms of media consumption.
  • The Media Planning Survey is a cost effective research methodology that will allow you to know exactly:
    • Which media type works the best for your brand/product
    • How do your target market engage with particular media types
    • What, Where, When and How your target consumer access their media
  • The media planning survey offers RIFLE targeting of your consumer segments to ensure that the return on one’s marketing investment is optimised with a reduced level of risk through effective and efficient media targeting.


  • Telephonic, online surveys or vox pop (video) are conducted among a small but robust sample of your target market that allows you to get rapid feedback and insights via cost-effective research.
  • The dipstick consumer research can be used for post launch evaluations or as on-going tracker study to evaluate if your marketing campaigns are effective among your brand users as well as potential users: consumer feedback on brand/advertising awareness, perceptions and usage vs. key competitors.
  • The dipstick research can also be conducted on an ad-hoc basis to get feedback on ANY business questions, for example:
    • What is the likelihood of your target market to adopt your new product?
    • Why are your consumers only using your product occasionally?
    • How can you make it easiest for them to access and purchase your brand?