Our Philosophy

Since the beginning of time, acquiring information, controlling it and using the knowledge gained has been key to building both ancient empires and modern global companies. Knowledge equals power.

The Analytix philosophy and approach is a paradigm shift on how traditional market research is perceived and conducted.

Our philosophy is that market research should be used as a powerful marketing planning tool to improve accountability:
Research is an investment in future success rather than a cost, especially when times are tough – a benchmark of 1% of total annual revenue for established brands, 10% of expected revenue for new launches – American Marketing Association

  • Must be integrated into a structured marketing planning process – not seen as a separate function
  • A market research strategy and plan must be created – not done on an ad-hoc basis
  • Research data must be integrated with other relevant external and internal data to create insights and a holistic “big picture” understanding
  • Requires a high degree of expertise to gain actionable business information from raw data
  • Is the "engine-room" of a knowledge-driven company


  • Adopting a more scientific approach (without stifling creativity) that improves decision-making and reduces risk
  • Ensuring the customer (and their feedback) is always central to strategy, marketing campaigns and action plans
  • Using objective information and analysis to allocate resources and marketing budget
  • Getting managers to ask the right questions and apply analytical thought
  • Evaluating and maximizing the return on marketing spend
  • Gaining information and knowledge from raw data