B2B Research


  • For any business, it is vital to get feedback on an ongoing basis from other businesses and key stakeholders such as Distributors, Retailers, Intermediaries, Suppliers, Partners and Employees
  • Provides an opportunity for early onset intervention as opposed to retrospective sales analysis.
  • The focus is on ensuring strong relationships with other businesses and your key stakeholders, minimizing issues and barriers and maximizing your ROI.
  • Examples of questions that can be answered by business-to-business research are:
    • Are your stakeholders aware and using your brands, products or services?
    • How do you compare to the other competitors in the market?
    • What do your stakeholders think of you, how do they rate your company and what do they expect from you?
  • Telephonic/Online surveys or in-depth interviews among key stake holders along the value chain allow for rapid responses and quick report turnaround time.


  • Determine whether the objectives and goals of your personnel are aligned with those of your organisation.
  • Identify opportunities for your employees to learn and grow in your organisation.
  • Understand and monitor your employees’ needs, attitudes, opinions, and satisfaction in the following key areas:
    • Work Task/ Work Resources/ Processes and Procedures
    • Work Environment (Organisational Climate)
    • Remuneration and Benefits/Recognition
    • Communication/ Employee-Management Relations
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Career Development
  • Online surveys allow us to get feedback regardless of the company’s location and size.
  • Our pre-designed questionnaire takes just 5 minutes to complete. Alternatively, we can design and implement a questionnaire customized to you company’s requirements.


  • Provision of an independent and cost effective platform with a quick turnaround – you will receive survey results and analysis within 5 days of survey completion
  • Customization of employee surveys that fit the need of your organisation
  • Professional survey analysis and recommendations from market research experts
  • Survey results will help your organisation to enhance:
    • internal and external communication;
    • processes and procedures;
    • management – employee relations;
    • staff motivation and productivity;
    • and to maintain a healthy and enjoyable work environment.